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A friends mind diary

You were my very first love,
A tale then untold and so naïve,
Till read to someone who crave
To offer a life-knot now I have..

I wanted to be very much true
To my would-be life with no rue
But, I found you in awesome glue
I had no clue and felt blue!

Reserved that piece of love,
Flew away with my new dove,
Years went by only to see it pave,
Time with memories that you gave!

Shared the thoughts when we met,
It was not a joke for you, I bet.
Fights were on for what we lost,
Blames aired on who then be first,

Blushed at times, such time was set,
Brushed the mind filled with mist,
Still, we know with ease we must,
Cherish all bliss we have, the most!

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Beautiful :-)

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